Introducing The Team! Part 1: Boss, Man

C3's dynamic team has your back, whether you've been wronged by a business partner or by WSLCB. 

Sean Badgley hails from the mountains of Colorado, where he graduated from the University of Colorado with a degree in Business Economics and a minor in Film. Sean moved to Seattle in 2010 and plans to stay here with his partner Jazz and their black lab mix Leelah. Sean earned his Juris Doctor from Seattle University's School of Law. From day one of law school, Sean knew he wanted to work in cannabis. For an attorney, cannabis is an exciting new opportunity not just to practice law, but to make it. Sean's roles as a founding partner in C3 include advising clients in I-502 compliant cannabis businesses, civil and administrative legislation (we're looking at you, WSLCB), mentoring junior attorneys, and managing interns and cases. Sean is no stranger to hard work- prior to his career as a cannabis litigation attorney and managing partner, Sean worked as a banker, bartender, and even as an auto repair technician in his father's shop.

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Part 2 coming soon!