C3 Law Group is focused exclusively on the cannabis industry. 

The cannabis industry is new and exciting- it’s also complicated and tangled with regulations. C3 exists solely to ease your navigation through Washington state law. C3 facilitates growth in Washington's legal cannabis industry since the experiment began in 2013. The C3 team was here at the start, and now they're here for you.

C3 is dedicated to the Washington cannabis industry, whether assisting with the licensing process, mediating conflict between licensed business owners, landlord/tenant disputes, contract drafting and negotiation, or working directly with Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board on your behalf.

Having an administrative problem? Did your business recently take an administrative violation notice from WSLCB? Are you looking to buy, sell, or transfer all or part of your I-502 compliant business? C3 is here to provide guidance and get your cannabis business back on track. Get in touch today!

The C3 Story

Founded in 2013 by Sean Badgley, C3 Law Group grew from a one man operation into a powerhouse administrative litigation firm through dedication and perseverance. No other cannabis law firm has the depth of experience or industry connections that Sean Badgley and Bonnie Fong bring. These cannattorneys and their highly motivated staff are here for you.

We're here to help your cannabis business grow! If you need experienced counsel for an issue affecting your business, or if you have been the recipient of negative treatment from state investigators or regulators, then we would like to hear from you.

Contact us today!